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Digital Medical Assistant

Let providers, medical assistants and nurses go back to the clinical care that matters. Let automation propel your clinic forward. 

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Based on your clinic's criteria, the Digital Medical Assistant (DMA) will outreach to patients and schedule them in your EMR.


Prior to the visit, the DMA will scrub your patient chart, identifying open care gaps. Based on your clinical guidelines, the patient chart will have orders added AND will request the patient to fill out forms prior to their visit- administrative or clinical. 


During your visit, the Digital Medical Assistant will listen and document in your progress note what was completed. It can add orders, referrals, medications, and is reviewed by a certified coder before being transcribed into your progress note. 


After your visit, the DMA will manage your post discharge work. That includes, sending referrals, creating and fixing claims, posting payments, and sending applicable reports. 

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