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Our "Why"


Valor is committed to service- service to our clients, service to our community, and service to our world. Help us turn business tech into full bellies and clean drinking water.


Valor provides Ghanian citizens the means for economic projects who, in turn, use the profits to invest in vulnerable orphan populations. Our projects range from building farms to sending orphans to seamstress’ college. Our local partners in the village of Penyi, Ghana drive the vision of their own growth. We have the honor of breaking bread and walking alongside their journey.


Economic Development

With purchased farm land, we are feeding and funding the orphans future.

Educational Support

Valor sends these orphans to college, investing in the individual.

Community Roots

After college, we support the graduates returning to their village, bringing new skills and wages to strengthen their community.

Your Operations + Our Tech = Changed Lives

While it might not seem like the most obvious math problem, it adds up. Your partnership will contribute to projects that will fundamentally shift human lives for the better.
Here is how we do it:

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